Three Gorges Dam





Huanglong poolsHuanglong Nature Reserve, about five hours north of Chengdu, sees only one bus a day. The bus’ main stop is the nearest city, Chuanzhusi. At the Nature Reserve there is nowhere to stay, so the bus waits for you while you visit. Huanglong is much smaller than Jiuzhaigou, about four kilometers long, but certainly equally attractive. Some people even prefer Huanglong because it can easily be done in four or five hours and has fewer tourists. Huanglong is also a valley, but higher up than Jiuzhaigou. Thoughout the valley are many fascinating rock formations formed by the water that constantly flows from the melting snow of the surrounding mountains. One peak that approaches 6,000 meters tall is always clearly visible at the top of the slanting valley. In the summer there was no snow visible in Jiuzhaigou, but in Huanglong there were several snow-capped peaks. The temperature difference could also easily be felt, but with a bright sun out the coolness of the air was very refreshing.

Local laborerThe locals are extremely friendly in rural Sichuan. Many are Tibetan minorities. Several of them were busy hauling logs up the mountain when we visited. They were paid by the kilo and their daily wage could not have been more than a few dollars. I was amazed to see small women carrying loads that I thought would kill me.

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November 25th, 2006